Leaders of 6 Mekong Countries Must Listen to the People! Listen to Downstream Communities.  Stop All Mekong Dams.  Implement Transboundary Impacts Studies.
Media Release from Save the Salween Network For immediate release: Monday, 22 February 2016   Save The Salween Network Statement Yangon, February 22, 2016  
20 September 2015   Core Partners: Paung Ku, REAM, TERRA, MEE Net   Network Partners: SRBN, MWO, HURFORM, MYPO, MYEO, WEP, JCSDO   Abstract:  
Mekong governments: Listen to the people! Statement by local people on dams in the Mekong Region We are people from local communities in the Mekong region, who depend on the eco-systems created by the Mekong river and numerous other rivers and lakes in the region, especially, the Tonle Sap, Sesan and Mekong Delta, for our food, health, livelihood, culture, society and incomes. The waters and resources of the Mekong region sustain our lives and economic security.
Public Statement of the Network of Thai People in Eight Mekong ProvincesDemand for transboundary impact assessment of Don Sahong DamSerious effort must be made to consult with people living by the Mekong
Public Statement: Stop Mekong Mainstream Dams - Stop All Investment 19 February 2014