Coal-fired power plants in Myanmar

Abundance of Pharlain Natural Resources and Communities
Pharlain Study by its community

Final report launch date: March 9, 2016

Pharlain Study on " Abundance of Parlain Natural Resources and Communities" intends to draw out the importance of Parlain ecosystems and natural resources and uses the results to facilitate the community to understand what exist in Parlain and their relationship with the environment, as well as to help them visualize possible impacts of the proposed coal-fired power plant on the environment and their community. The study looks at the socioeconomic values top three sources of incomes—betel nuts, rice, and fishery. Additional data on other type of fruits and income are also mentioned to calculate their contributions to local economy.

Research duration: 12 months, from December 2014-December 2015

Pharlain study is conducted completely by the communities of Parlain with supports from TERRA and HURFOM. These two organizations continue to monitor the study’s progress, provide technical supports in the field as well as in the analysis part throughout the study period.

The research team would also like to thank Mr. Tara Buakamsri, Greenpeace Southeast Asia’s Country Director for Thailand, who provides knowledge on coal-fired power plants and their impacts; Ms. Somporn Pengkam who helps designing the community data collection and continually gives guidance to Andin representatives since the Workshop on Natural Resource Management Research; Dr. Cherry Aung from Department of Marine Science, Pathein University who supports the team with scientific data on mangrove ecosystems, and species in the mangrove forest and other aquatic ecosystems; and Dr. Sann Myint for assisting in translations.

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Beauty of Parlain


Sanint Krate River Mangrove Forest Recovery Project: Preparation

Map of Pharlain's Abundant Natural Resources and Communities

Map of Pharlain's Potential Threat


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Abundance of Parlain Natural Resources and Communities Parlain Study by its community Distribution date: September 2015
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