Upper Mekong navigation improvement project completed

Yunnan Daily 10 May 2004

According to the headquarter of construction in Guanlei, the Upper Mekong navigation improvement project was fully completed after the construction work in three dry seasons of three consecutive years.

From now on, during the flood season, the 300-ton cargo ships can directly sail from Yunnan's Guanlei to Thailand's Chiang Saen. This is an easier international access from western China to Southeast Asia.

After its completion, the rate of safe navigation will be substantially increased. The amount of goods carried in flood season will be twice the original. The total cost of transportation will be reduced by 40% or more. The navigable period will be extended from 6 to 11 months.

This is deeply welcomed by the people from the four upper Mekong countries, benefits over millions of people, and helps motivate the economic development and cooperation among four countries.

The Chinese ships are now ready in Guanlei, waiting for setting off their journey on the new river course of upper Mekong.

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http://www.yndaily.com/attachment/news_82_232237_3.jpg (Safe navigation guaranteed. 300-ton cargo ship can now directly sail from Guanlei to Chiang Saen)

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(Summarised and translated by Kevin Li)