Xayabury discusses the possibility of a Mekong hydropower dam

31 July 2014 | Phouangphayom| Lao KPL News Online

(KPL) Representatives of local authorities and contractors met in Xayabury Province to discuss the feasibility study into the Mekong hydropower dam in Parklay District, Xayabury last Friday.

The meeting saw the presence of the Vice Governor of Xayabury Province, Mr Yanyong Sipaseuth, Vice Governor of Vientiane Province, Mrs Singkham Khongsavanh, representatives of the Ministry of Water Resources and Environment and Chinese contractors.

The Mekong hydropower dam is expected to be built 30 km to the north of Parklay District, on the border between Xayabury and Vientiane provinces.

The USD 1.8 billion-dam will be built as a run-of-river dam with a height of 51 m. it will be 240 m above sea level. The installed generation capacity is 770 mw.

The possible social and environment impacts of the dam were noted at the meeting including the diversion of water flow of the Mekong, fisheries and ecosystem impacts, and resettlement of local people.

Seven villages are expected to be resettled to new areas to pave the way for the development of the hydropower project including Phalieb, Huaykhay, and Parktoung villages in Parklay of Xayabury Province, and four villages - namely Parkpen, Donexay-ngam, Na-Oudom Tai, Parkyan - in Med District of Vientiane Province.

Four hundred and nine families in Parklay and 380 families in Med District are expected to be resettled.

Other public facilities including schools, temples, roads in the two districts along with 10,000 ha of farmland, including 7,650 ha of farmland in Parklay and 2,920 ha of farmland in Med district are also expected to be affected from the project.

Source: http://www.kpl.net.la/english/news/edn10.htm