French vice-minister opposes construction of mainstream dams on Mekong River

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17 December 2009

(KPL) French vice-minister for trade, Mrs Anne-Marie said that while tributary dams were sustainable or environmentally friendly, but mainstream dams, for example, on the Mekong River, were not.

She said this when she replied to a question from a KPL News reporter during a press conference held in the French embassy in Vientiane on 16 December.

She added that she was aware about dams in various countries and the types but in her reference to Nam Theun Two hydropower dam in Laos, France, one of the investors was deeply concerned over the preservation of the environment around it.

Referring to her two trips to Laos within a span of nine months, she said she wanted to understand the local situation and to help Laos, based on France-French company partnerships and the contribution of France to the development of Laos.

Mrs Anne-Marie also said she would like French companies in Laos to make use of the strategic location of this country in the region and morever she urged them not to invest in any sector that would destruction to the social and economic aspects of the country.