Mekong, hydropower and climate change: Reflection from community-based research towards sustainable livelihood

Key Issues: 

October 10, 2013 | Nongkhai province

This forum is organized for Mekong local people in Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam to present
the outcomes and conclusions of their studies on livelihood and potential negative impacts of
the first lower Mekong mainstream dam, Xayaburi, and other dams on the Mekong mainstream
and tributaries.  It brings people in affected areas such as Thailand's Mun River, Cambodia's 3S
River, and central Vietnam to exchange experiences and discuss situations on hydropower dams
as  well  as  potential  collaboration  amongst  local  groups  and  CSO  networks.  In  addition,  it
provides the space for participants to voice their growing concerns  regarding  MRC's proposed
concepts and actions for "sustainable hydropower dams" in the region.