Dawei Deep Seaport & Industrial Estate Development Project

Dawei Deep Seaport and Industrial Estate Development Project is located in Nabule village, Yebyu township in Tanintharyi Division of Southern Burma/Myanmar.  The Government of Burma/Myanmar has granted the rights to use designated area in Dawei to Italian-Thai Development Public Company Limited (ITD).

The Dawei Project will be 8 times larger than the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate in Rayong province, eastern Thailand. It will include a deep-sea port, a coal-fired power plant, petrochemical and other related industries, which will cause massive pollution. The project also requires massive relocation of over 30,000 local people.

Until now, the Thai government’s policy has been to fully support the Dawei project. There are plans to build a new motorway from Pu Nam Ron, Kanchanaburi province, to Laem Chabang Port in the East. However Thai civil society groups who are monitoring the environmental, social and economic impacts of the project have questioned its legitimacy, as a massive amount of national budget will use to support a private mega-investment in Burma/Myanmar.

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